About Us

       We are proud descendants of Grandparents from Campofranco, Italy. Campofranco is a city in Sicily in the province of Caltanissetta. Our Grandparents immigrated to the United States in the early 1900’s, processing through Ellis Island, and eventually settling in the (appropriately named) up-state city of Rome, New York.
       Like most Italians, our Grandparents not only loved eating good food, they loved preparing it. They especially loved passing their recipes and skills down to the younger generations, thereby ensuring the continuation of valued family traditions. This inspired our parents to open a small restaurant and deli in Carmichael, Ca. in the 60's that served traditional Italian dishes, cheeses, cold cuts, and Italian cookies.
      One cookie our mom always prepared at Christmas, as far back as I can remember, is the "Italian Fudge Filled Cookie", a tradition that we have continued to follow since her passing. In fact in 2004, using her recipe with a few adjustments, I submitted our cookie to a contest on "The Food Network". We were blown away to find out that our cookie was one of five recipes chosen nationwide to appear on their annual "12 Days Of Cookies" TV show.
       The Fudge Filled Cookie is only one of several cookie recipes that were passed down through generations to our family. For years we have gathered around Christmas time, as a family, to bake hundreds of Italian cookies. Each year we bake enough cookies so that we can make huge platters to be shared with co-workers, family and friends. We have also sold our cookies at different Northern California coffee shops, local shows, plus various craft fairs.
     Now, my brother and I, with our spouses, are expanding into a family business featuring our original Italian cookies that can be enjoyed by all and sold locally as well as nationwide. We hope you love our cookies as much as we have over the years. From our family to yours, welcome to Villa Biscotto!

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